Welcome to The Kinky, Curly, Cool Festival at GMU!
Take this 2 Minute Quiz, so we can customize your mix! Let's get this party started!
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What is your hair porosity? *

Porosity refers to how easily your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture.  How long does it take to dry?

What is your hair density? *

Density refers to how closely individual strands of hair are packed together on your scalp. It ranges from low to high.

What's your hair volume? *

Volume refers to combination of your hair density and the diameter of your individual strands.

What is the length of your hair?

How comfortable are you with doing your own hair? *

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Ok, {{answer_KuL9}}! You're all done. To pay for your order, please submit form and provide your name to a representative.  To review plan options first, please submit form and we will email you the plan options after this event! Thank You!
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